Welcome to Ice Care Global!

Ice Care Global is a Dutch company that develops, patents and licenses innovative production techniques and smart packaging solutions. The focus is mainly on freezing food, food handling and smart packaging.

The way we work

Each poroject goes through these phases:

Phase 1


Everything starts with an idea.

If an idea doesn't seem strange in the beginning it is not a good idea.

The people of Ice Care Global are basically always looking for new ideas. By carefully looking around and analyzing seemingly unchangeable techniques and processes, we often come up with spectacular new ideas that eventually lead to licensable concepts and/or techniques.

Phase 2


Determining feasibility.

Phase 3


Secure the idea.


Phase 4

Time for prototypes!

A prototype is born.

After everything is secured, or sometimes simultaneously with the patent phase, a cooperation with industrial partners and/or suppliers of the prototype(s) takes place and the prototype is being made and tested. This process leads to the final construction or manufacturing of, for example, the definitive production machine and/or packaging method.

Phase 5


A concept name gives communication possibilities.

Ignorance is bliss!

To bring the concept to the attention of the target group in a clear and high-profile way, we greatly value creating a catchy identity, that serves as the starting point for a marketing campaign.

Phase 6


Time for production!

Establishing partnerships with producers.

Depending on the concept or invention we will offer the final production and marketing of the definitive product in license to our target group.

Phase 7

Further development

Stagnation means decline.

The product is ready, but we are not there yet!

Because we understand that stagnation means decline we keep on developing on basis of existing patented techniques and packaging forms. We do this in cooperation with our licensee(s), industrial partners and suppliers. Further development secures the head start in the market. Whereby production and marketing technical reasons are often the origin of the further development.

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